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Age: 4
Height: 3' 5"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Light Brown
Education: Learning to write letters, and is overjoyed when he sees his favorite letter - tag-along K
Occupation: Toddler
Talents, Hobbies, and Interests: Loves animals, trains, planes, automobiles, rockets, other kids and babies, coloring, swimming, dancing, playing games, going for walks, playing at the park, launching model rockets, eating, and talking on the phone with or going to visit people. 

Carter is growing up so fast! He was born in July of 2006 and we held him in our arms for the first time when he was just a day and a half old.  We have enjoyed the privilege of being at his side as he learns and grows each day. Carter has a fun-loving and inquisitive personality, is full of curiosity and loves to explore and discover. He makes us laugh every day as his understanding expands. He loves to run everywhere he goes (and do everything faster). He also enjoys reading books or just hanging out and snuggling sometimes. Carter absolutely loves people and is very friendly and outgoing with everyone he meets. He is a great big brother to Ruby.


Animal or Pet:  Puppy
Bedtime Story:  Goodnight Gorilla
Childhood Memory:  Eating my first snow
Childhood Toy:  Stuffed Puppy
Color:  Green
Holiday:  Easter (I love finding eggs and the treats inside them)
Tradition:  My own cake on my birthday
Movie Munchie:  Popcorn
T.V. Show(s):  Charlie & Lola, the Backyardigans, Max & Ruby
Song:  Once There Was a Snowman
Type of Music:  Primary Songs
Music Group:  The Happy Monster Band
Song Writer:  Laurie Berkner
Performer:  Shamu
Video Game:  Wii Boxing (he loves playing it for real and is actually really good at it!  So funny to watch!)
Board Game:  Cootie
Hobby:  Finding Mischief
Book(s):  Lift-flap books
Magazine:  The Friend
Sport to play:  Swimming, LaCrosse, Boxing
Sport to watch:  Soccer
Form of exercise:  Running, Pushing things around
Beverage/Drink:  Chocolate Milk
Fruit:  Raspberries, Strawberries
Vegetable:  Broccoli
Food:  Spanish Rice
Sandwich:  Peanut Butter & Jelly
Fast Food Restaurant:  Sonic (I love the tots!)
Dine-in restaurant: Red Robin (they give me balloons!)
Dessert:  Cookies or Ice Cream
Ice Cream:  Yes Please!  Anything chocolate is even better!
Candy Bar:  Did you say candy?  Mmm Yum!
Thing to cook:  Popsicles
Dream car:  One that flies
Dream job:  Astronaut, Fork Lift Operator
Dream vacation:   Anywhere Daddy can be with me and Momma all day every every day!
Flower:  Dandelion (I love to pick and blow them!)
Shopping Store:  Target
Time of day: Swim time
Leisure activity: Stroller rides
Vacation spot: Anywhere with sand and water   


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