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Our Dear Friend,

From the bottom of our hearts, we are grateful to you for taking the time to visit our website. We truly believe that God brings those who are meant to find each other together through adoption.  We want you to know that we think every day about those considering adoption. We pray that God will help guide everyone involved in  our next adoption so that it can be a positive experience that can lead to a lifetime of opportunities. When we look at our children, we can't help but think about their birth families and how adoption has allowed them to be loved by so many in both our family and in their birth families. Many lives are touched and altered by the life of a child. The sacrifice that Carter's and Ruby's birth families made for them gives us an enhanced sense of responsibility to provide them with the love and opportunities they need to thrive and excel in anything they decide to do.

Not only are we immeasurably thankful for the blessings of adoption in our immediate family, but in our extended family and for many of our good friends as well. Shane's father was adopted as a young man and we continue to be blessed by belonging to his family. We love that Carter and Ruby already have five cousins who are adopted. When we were first married, Megan's sister and brother-in-law were in the process of adopting a little girl who became a symbol of hope for us as we longed to begin a family.  More recently, two of Shanes sisters and their husbands have been able to welcome children through adoption. We are very connected to our large immediate and extended families. We are blessed to be able to live near family and to be able to visit often with those we do not live close to. We look forward to our children growing up having adoption as a commonality with their cousins. Our lives have been touched not only by Carter's and Ruby's birth mothers and their decisions, but by the decisions of other mothers who chose adoption for their babies -- babies who became our nieces, nephews, and friends.
As they grow, we hope that our children understand the great deal of love birth families have for their child. We want to teach our children from the day they are born that birth parents are so very special to us.   Our family is open to children of any race or gender and we are excited to share pictures and letters with birth family members as long as they desire.  We're also be open to visits, e-mail, etc. We want our adoptions to be as open as we feel is healthy for our children and their birth families. Expectant mothers considering adoption are in our hearts and our prayers always as they face such a difficult decision.

With Love,
Shane and Megan



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